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baby opossum, decomposed since July

Original: posted July 20th 2010




Baby opossum #1

Place of death: Weston, MA

Found by: Lilian H. G.


Squirrel 7

Squirrle # 7

place of death: Roslindale, MA

found by: Steph C and Mel P.

Black cat from Insbrook, Austria


Place of death: Prague, Czech Republic

Found by: H. H.

outside of an IKEA in Pittsburgh

Bird # 11

place of death: Pittsburgh, PA

found by: Emily and Penny

pigeons in Lowell and Amsterdam

Squirrel 6 (on days 1 to 3)

Squirrel 6 (day one)

Squirrel 6 (day 2)

Squirrel 6 (day 3)

See film on YouTube

Place of death: Beacon St., Somerville MA

Found by: SD

baby bird

Baby bird

Place of death: Lamartine St and Hubbard St, Jamaica Plain MA

Found by: Sally