how to submit

How to submit a dead thing that you find:

Send pictures, drawings, etc. to: Include the place of the finding, your name as you’d like it to appear, and any other notes you find appropriate.

However, please take into account our criteria for a thing being a dead thing we find:

1.  Any vertebrate or large protosome (mollusk, annelid, or arthropod) that once underwent physiologic respiration, and no longer does so, is a dead thing.

2. A dead thing is found if you have come upon it in a place where dead things are not customarily kept.

3. The dead thing must be recorded at the place where it is found (i.e. untouched, unmoved, undisturbed by the finder).

Copyright: If you would like to remain the copyright holder on any image you submit, please include a statement to that effect with your submission.

*Disclaimer: In no way does this project condone participation in the death of animals (unless you’re hungry). This site is not an invitation to kill animals and take their picture/draw them/etc.*


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  1. at first this seems gross but it is just the side of nature we usually ignore. Photographing it brings you out of denial.